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Mark and I worked together for many years while he was the massage therapist with the US Women's National Soccer Team. He is passionate, knowledgable, hard working, and kind. His massage work is always top notch and he helped tremendously with our recovery between games. I think being an elite athlete himself helps him be able to relate to other athletes because he knows what it takes.Quotes

Heather O'Reilly

Professional Soccer Player

Mark is not only a great trainer and physical therapist, but an amazing person! Mark and I have worked together multiple times with the youth national teams. Whenever I needed help , physically, mentally, or advice about nutrition, Mark was wonderful in giving me all the insight needed to better myself as an athlete! I wish I had more opportunities to work with Mark on a regular basis, and anyone who can, should take full advantage of everything he has to bring! Best of luck!Quotes

Zachary MacMath`

Mark Higgins

In 2010, I had the opportunity to attempt to qualify for the ITU Sprint Triathlon World Championship at a local triathlon. As a Christmas gift, my wife allowed me to hire a coach for the year. I saw a pamphlet for Mark at my gym. I had no idea what i was in for. Mark was a great coach. He listened to what my goal were, and tailored my workouts to not only my work load, but to fit into my timing. He is also probably one of the nicest and positive people you could ever meet. He was always asking how my races were. What went well. What didn't go well. What needed to be worked on. He helped make me a better racer. A better swimmer (I am now routinely top 10-20% out of the water depending on the race). Long story short, I qualified, and was able to go to Budapest, Hungary to compete against the fastest individuals on the planet in a Sprint Triathlon. I'm now honored to have him as a friend that I know I can always rely on. He is a fantastic coach and a great person.Quotes

David Crownover

Helped me get to Worlds

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